1. Place the sharpener on the platform, hold the non-slip handle with one hand, and hold the knife with the other hand

2. Put the blade end into the sharpening edge, keep the blade edge perpendicular to the table, and do not swing left and right

3. Press down with the strength of the daily sharpening knife, and then pull it back. (Do not push and pull back and forth.)

Grinding and cutting mouth: When using the grinding and cutting mouth to sharpen scissors, open the scissors into the grinding and cutting mouth and clamp the magic wand with the blade of the scissors, and push forward evenly. Several times


Product material: 304 + ABS + food-grade rubber-plastic smooth surface
Product color:  black, cyan
Product size: 20.5C * 4 * 9.5CM
Packing box size: 22.5 * 4.5 * 10.5CM

Note: a variety of non-serrated blades (not applicable for ceramic / serrated blades)

Package Included:

4-in-1 knife sharpener